About Us

Hosting Spy was created to hold UK web hosting companies accountable as far too many companies make far too many promises and almost always don’t deliver on their claims.

If that was not bad enough, the internet is full of review websites that promote poor performing web hosting companies who pay them the most in commissions.

In fact, the top 5 web hosting review websites right now are recommending web hosting companies that I would not use for free, as I have personal experience of these poor providers.

As a website owner, you need reliable and secure web hosting from a company you can trust and the whole point of Hosting Spy is to figure out which companies deliver on their promises.

We are not motivated by commissions, we don’t take bribes and we certainly don’t have personal relationships with the owners of the companies we review.

We simply let the data do the talking.

On Hosting Spy, you will find real data for server response times, page loading speed and server uptime which we track on a daily basis and have been doing so for months.

The data we gather is based on real accounts we own on each of the web hosting companies featured on Hosting Spy and is updated on a regular basis so you always get the latest performance metrics.

This gives you a clear understanding of which UK hosting companies perform the best and allows you to compare them against each other to help you decide on a winner.

Hosting Spy makes it quick and easy for you to research the UK’s best web hosting providers by compiling all the most important information in one place.

We hope you find the research on Hosting Spy useful enough to share with your friends.

Hosting Spy